Lithium-Induced Hypothyroidism

lithium will increase the incidence of thyroid dysfunction. Hypofunction is the most common abnormality and may present as an abnormal take a look at result, goitre while not hypothyroidism(/bb) or symptomatic hypothyroidism(/bb). Serum levels of lithium don't seem to be thought to correlate with incidence and severity of hypothyroidism(/bb). In rare cases, lithium has been associated with (ii)hyper(/ii)thyroidism. (bb)Subclinical Hypothyroidism(/bb)(/bb) Subclinical hypothyroidism(/bb), a milder form of thyroid dysfunction, has been switching to generic synthroid reported to occur in up to twenty third of patients on lithium therapy, compared to rates of roughly 100% within buy synthroid the background *point2*

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